Saturday, May 11, 2013

How to Choose the Right Truck Tire Jack

1. Open your door and look at the vehicle information sticker, usually on the door near the door jam, or on the door frame of the truck. This will list your vehicles basic information.
2. Look for the trucks gross weight or curb weight. This can be referenced as GVW-Gross Vehicle Weight or GCW-Gross Curb Weight. This will be written in a measurement of tons such as 3.0-tons, or 2.5-tons.
3. Measure the distance in inches from the ground to the frame of your truck, or to the jack placement points, with a tape measure. A jack placement point is installed on some truck models and is usually a small protruding metal bar located on the frame at the front and rear of the truck, just near the tires.
4. Go to an auto parts store or a dealership for your respective vehicle model and order or purchase a jack that suits your measurements. As a rule of thumb, choose a jack that exceeds your weight measurements slightly so that you know for certain that it will lift the truck off of the ground.